1. In order to prevent the dust accumulating on the carpet from settling between the pile threads and on the floor, maintenance should be done by vacuuming it at certain intervals.
2. Use of excess water and shampoo should be avoided while cleaning the carpet.
3. The carpet should never be washed, it should be cleaned with shampoo, then wiped with water and dried immediately.
4. A stain-forming substance spilled on the carpet can be removed immediately and with correct intervention.
5. Stain removal process should be tried on an invisible part of the carpet with a chemical substance to be used for stain removal.
6. The pile threads in the area where the cleaning process is performed should be combed with a brush so that they stand upright.
7. The carpet should be kept away from stoves and similar heat devices.
8. Since direct sunlight will damage the carpet, the carpet should not be left in such an environment for a long time.
9. During transportation, the carpet should not be allowed to get wet and hard, sharp and sharp objects to damage the carpet.


The stain should be treated immediately as soon as it occurs. Otherwise, it may be difficult or not possible to remove the stain.
When removing the stain, the aim should be to remove the substance causing the stain from the carpet without applying a chemical treatment. Before applying any chemicals on the carpet, the stain should be absorbed from the carpet as much as possible.
Pressing and rubbing the stain is not correct as it will cause the stain to penetrate into the carpet.
If you are trying to remove the stain with carpet shampoo, you should only use the foam from the shampoo. If you use shampoo and water, you can cause a dirty look.
In order to prevent permanent damage to the pile and texture of the carpet, chemicals such as bleach should not be cleaned, only recommended carpet cleaning products should be used.
In order not to spread the stain on the carpet cleaning, it is necessary to clean the stain from the outside towards the center.
After cleaning, the stain may reappear on the dried carpet. The reason is that the stain may reappear as it dries from the outside towards the carpet part, as the stain descends towards the bottom of the dry carpet during the dissolution and dries. Therefore, you may need to apply stain removal a few times.


1. ALCOHOL-DRINK: Shampoo with carpet shampoo, then buffer with white spirit.

2. OIL PAINT: Make a tampon with thinner, then shampoo with carpet shampoo.

3. CHOCOLATE-CARAMEL-SWEET: Make a buffer with warm water or by adding 5% ammonia.

4. MOLD: Make a buffer with ammonia water.

5. CANDLE WAX: Put absorbent blotting paper on the stain and pass a warm iron. Make a tampon with Perchlorethylene and shampoo with carpet shampoo.

6. JAM-SYRUP-FRUIT JUICE: Make a tampon with warm water. If there is a trace, use thinner or perchlorethylene.

7. WINE-LEMONADE: After wiping half with water - vinegar mixture, shampoo with carpet shampoo.

8. INK: After drying thoroughly with blotter paper, buff it with a mixture of 30% white spirit and 70% water and shampoo with carpet shampoo. Pure lemon juice gives better results.

9. CHOCOLATE: Take the chewing gum with a knife, then tamp it with perchlorethylene.

10. MUD: Let it dry, then buffer with perchlorethylene.

11. GRASS-GREEN VEGETABLE-FLOWER: Wet it with white spirit and wipe.

12. BLOOD: After buffering with cold water, shampoo with carpet shampoo. If traces remain, use water with 5% ammonia added.

13. MUSTARD-MAYONESE-KETCHUP: First wipe with 10% ammonia added water, then with perchlorethylene. If necessary, shampoo with carpet shampoo.

14. VENT-TEETH-FOOT: Make a tampon with a half-water-vinegar mixture and white spirit, then shampoo with carpet shampoo.

15. TEA-BROWN: If the stain does not come off with carpet shampoo, buffer it with white spirit or water with 10% ammonia added.

16. PHARMACEUTICAL-COSMETIC: After wiping with thinner or perchlorethylene, shampoo with carpet shampoo. If there is a trace, make a tampon with 5% ammonia added water or white spirit.